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Vision, Values & Future

Our Vision

Here at OLMC we seek to create a respectful environment, that enhances learning, nurtures our young, and empowers our whole school community to authentically live out the faith that we proclaim.

Mission Statement

Our Mission here at OLMC is to continue to:

  • Clearly articulate our shared vision
  • Build a vibrant, creative and faith-filled Catholic school community
  • Actively embrace our school motto of ‘TRUTH, PRAYER and SERVICE’
  • Work in close partnership with our Parish community
  • Be a place of welcome, where all who enter feel valued and respected
  • Develop a collaborative culture based upon respectful relationships
  • Provide a diverse, inclusive, flexible and innovative curriculum that meets student needs
  • Provide ongoing, quality professional development for all staff
  • Provide and maintain quality resources and facilities
  • Develop a strong pastoral care network

School Mural

Our vibrant mosaic mural located close to the main entrance of our school is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

The central motif, the ‘Tree of Life’, celebrates the joy, love and faith we each experience in our shared journey in Christ. Flowers and fruit represent the many bountiful blessings we so freely receive from our Creator.

The tree is intertwined with the ‘dance of the community‘ each bringing their own gifts and talents for the good of all.

The flowing grace of the Holy Spirit – living, moving and nourishing the community, joins together with life giving water that sustains, cleanses, and draws forth new life!

The Artist

Chris Jones is a local mosaic artist living and working in Fremantle. Chris was our artist in residence throughout this project and we are greatly indebted to him for his time, patience, good humour and skill. We thank him most sincerely for sharing his considerable talents with us and for helping us leave a mark on our school that will be treasured for years to come.