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School Fees

The tuition fees are outlined below in the 2024 Fee Schedule.

Download 2024 Fee Schedule

From 2024, we are pleased to collaborate with Seton Catholic College to offer a K – 12 Sibling Discount Program. Through our participation in the K – 12 Sibling Discount Program, we aim to strengthen the bond between our primary school and Seton, while offering enhanced educational opportunities to our families.

The K – 12 Sibling Discount Program allows eligible families to receive financial benefits when families have children attending both schools at the same time. This is an additional discount to the current sibling discount received by families. If you are eligible and would like to take up this discount, please access the K – 12 Sibling Program Discount Form via the link below. Please return your completed and signed form to Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Administration no later than 09 February 2024.

If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please contact the school.