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P&F Association

OLMC P&F Association

Our school relies upon the goodwill and efforts of the whole school community to coordinate activities and raise money for school funds and the P&F coordinates these activities.

The objectives of the OLMC P&F are to:

  • Foster tangible and lasting relationships between parents, the principal and teachers in order to build positive school community
  • Provide parents and families the opportunity to meet in a social, friendly and fun environment through various activities, guest speakers and community events
  • Assist in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school through fundraising and community events
  • Build effective channels of communication through which parents can keep in touch with what is happening at the school and encourages parental participation in school activities

We hope that parents will use the P&F as a forum through which they can share more actively in the life of the school.

2024 OLMC P&F Committee

President – Melissa Fusari
Vice-President – Nadia Hunt
Treasurer – Dina Acquado
Secretary – Melissa Lanza