Most Catholic schools have a parents' association called the Parents' and Friends Association or P&F.

Most Catholic schools have a parents' association called the Parents' and Friends Association or P&F. OLMC’s P&F offers an opportunity for all parents to become involved in the life of our school in a variety of ways including providing support for the school in areas such as:

  • Social functions for the school community;
  • Maintenance of grounds, buildings and equipment;
  • Fund-raising for particular needs in the school;
  • Voluntary support for educational programs;

The P&F assists the Principal, the staff and the School Board in fostering the intellectual, cultural, social and spiritual interests of community members, and provide opportunities for maintaining a positive and vibrant community spirit among the staff, student and parent body.

While each family pays a modest P&F levy each year, this fee alone does not meet the cost of the many different resources, programs and initiatives that our students currently enjoy. It is essential therefore that all families support P&F fundraisers both financially and practically, by volunteering time and talents, sharing ideas, donating items, turning up to meetings, and generally getting involved as best they can.

Our school has much to be proud of and the P&F of OLMC are to be commended on the excellent work they do to assist our school each year.

Business Directory

The PLMC P&F encourage all PLMC families to support the businesses of fellow OLMC and Parish Failies werever they can. This further develops our commitment to continuously strengthening our Community bonds by supporting one another and encouraging the success of those associated with OLMC School and Parish.

The Business Directory is a P&F initiative and as such, we need to highlight the need for seperation of business arrangements from the P&F and OLMC School. We ask that all families endeavour to maintain a considerate approach when entering into Business arrangements, as we do need to see each other regularly and our children interact with each other on a daily basis.

The Business Directory will be updated every term as required and included on the OLMC website and will also appear on our group Facebook page.

If you wish to be included in the Business Directory, please email Brooke Alford at

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AGM - Presidents Report - 23rd November 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the P&F this year. Without your help and support we would not of been able to run our fundraising and community events. Big or small any help has been truly appreciated.
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